Our Family

Here is a list and information about all our family and resident bunnies, each one is special to us, and very loved, they all have their own story and totally different personalities. 


Maggie is a Mini Rex I got from a local breeder, she was actually meant to be a buck , but when I realised she was actually a doe I didn't mind one bit, I mean she is absolutely stunning and a sweetheart, a little more timid than my lot but with lots of cuddles she is starting to come out of her shell. She lives with Martha and both will be my breeding females for mini rexe's, when I find the right buck that is. 

She is very gentle and will sit for so long getting fuss, and I personally think she is a perfect replica of the real Peter rabbit. 


Maia is a new addition from a fellow breeder, she is the sweetest girl and love to sit on. my shoulder , she is very confident and friendly which is a quality i love the most in all my bunnies, she will be mated with Maverick when she is old enough and i am sure they will have stunning babies together 


Murphy is our home bred buck , he is a lynx and just the most incredible bunny, he is stunning and such a little fuss pot. 

I am so proud of him , as of July 2021 he is about to be a daddy for the first time , already living up to the memory of his dad Maverick , who we miss everyday .

He is a very loving little man, loves you to come give him kisses and cuddles first thing in the morning , but then he is only interested in his hunt for the girls. 

We kept all the surviving buns from his litter so we also have his three sisters , Mae , Malory and Margot. 


My shy girl Mae Mae, she is a stunning Lilac otter , she is a lovely lady, she is the shyest of her sisters, although very happy to come for love on her own terms. She absolutely loves playing out with her sisters and has a great love for Atticus our giant continental , they are often found kissing through the bars , true loves dream.

We miss her mum and dad ( Mildred and Maverick ) greatly and are so sad that we lost them both recently. 


Mortimer is one of our new additions after we lost all our bucks to the RHD2 outbreak in February 2021, he is a booted Tux , absolutely gorgeous boy and so happy , always doing massive binkys around the garden. 

We also have his sister Marmalade , they look so alike and we love them so much, very much looking forward to seeing how stunning they will be as they grow up 


Malory is our stunning chocolate otter, she is amazing, very very fast and loves to be out having adventures with her sisters , she has one of the best talents to be able do a binky from a still position of any of my bunnies , she is a lovely bun and we are so excited to see what chocolate babies we will have from her when we breed her late this year ( 2021 ) 


My chunky boy Marley, he is my stunning magpie, he is another boy i have brought in , he is absolutely lovely, the sweetest little man, so calm and gentle. He loves his food, and such a cheeky personality, we are obsessed with him after only a short time of knowing him so far. Really looking forward to seeing how he grows. 


Margot is my bestie, she is a stunning booted cinnamon , she is always climbing all over me and loves a cuddle, she has a massive personality but by far the calmest of her and her sisters, she is exactly like her mama was so sweet and loving, i feel so honoured to have them all, they really are the best litter of buns. We went through such a difficult and dark time through the RHD2 outbreak and they really got me through it. 


Mindy was an impulse pick, i saw her and just had to have her, she is actually my first self, all my other Rex have been broken or otters , she is the most stunning lilac self, she is so elegant. 

She is still getting used to us, hates being picked up , but getting more and more confident everyday , she loves playing with her playmates who are currently Mavis, Mona and Marmalade as they are all a similar age and are so happy all together. 


Marmalade is another booted tux, the lookalike sister to Mortimer, she is another speedy bunny, i struggle to catch focused pictures of her , she loves her treats and playtime. She is the favourite of my son who is absolutely besotted with her ,and i don't blame him she is a little firecracker. 


Mona Mona Mona , she is just the most stunning rabbit, every time i look at her i am in awe of her, she is a booted tux. It also helps that she is the sweetest little girl too , same as her brother Marley , they are both the best temperaments and i just couldn't love them anymore. She has a little nip in her ear from her time in the nest and it only makes me love her all the more. 

So excited to see how she grows and what her babies will eventually be like , exciting times ahead thats for sure.  


Mavis is my sweetheart, another very calm very chilled out rabbit, she is a booted blue otter and her chest just makes me so happy, i have some weird obsession with booted rabbits and their amazing chest markings they bring me so much joy. Mavis came from a breeder that i have admired for years, and feel so lucky to have her she is a stunner and watching her grow so far has been amazing , look forward to seeing how she grows and matures. 

She is a snackaholic, loves basil the most, will come bounding over to me when she smells it, and always the first to the treats. 


This is a new buck joining us soon , he is incredible looking , a booted choc frosty point , we are so excited for him to be joining us very soon. 


Ellie is the calmest most chilled out girl, she is a lion head cross mini rex she is super friendly and a wonderful mother, she is the daughter of Flora, she is just one of the best bunnies I have ever had the joy to own. 

She loves being pregnant and having babies, seems her happiest , and she used do to ANYTHING she can to get pregnant wh​en she is not, she could sneak past you like lightning so we had to be super careful to watch her when there are boys roaming around. She has now been spayed and living her life with her mum Flora and her sister Rosie.


This is our leader of the pack bunny, she is the one that started it all, we now have three generations of her blood line living here, and a forth generation litter recently born. 

She is now nearly three years old, and been through a lot in that short time, she has been attacked by a fox twice, the first time she fought fearlessly to protect her eight babies, I had a new respect for her after that. The second time she was pregnant with her second litter and she got out of the foxes jaws in the middle of a spring day, she not only survived she gave birth two days later. Recently she had given birth to her third litter, only two babies, she was found to have torn her uterus in labour and had four babies floating in her abdomen. She had surgery to remove them and her uterus, she is recovering and being pampered, she will always have an extra special place in my heart . 

She is full of life and just loves to be out basking in the garde​n, she likes you to come to her and goes nuts as soon as she hears the rattling of salad packets, spinach is her chocolate . 


Atticus is a present i brought myself after the outbreak and we had come out of rabbit lockdown ( 4 months ) he is a giant continental , a breed i have always wanted to own, he is only a pet .

He lives his life free roam all day every day. His favourite place is the garden and sniffing his favourite girls ( Mae, Malory and Margot ) , he also loves to play with all my spayed girls , he is the biggest character and i truly believe that he thinks he is the boss , we live in his house now. 

He is food obsessed and is getting through so much parsley we should have shares in the stuff, he is a great addition to our crazy pet obsessed house , he is such a good boy and cannot imagine what our life was like before he came bounding into it. 


Rosie is Floras daughter and Ellies sister, she looks identical to her mum , we do sometimes get them mixed up , she is stunning and a very adventurous bunny. She is the one bunny that seems to love coming in the house all day, she hops in and out as she pleases, she will come and say hello and get a little fuss before she is off again looking around. Definitely the more confident of the girls. 

She had a few litters with us and was an amazing mama , she has now been spayed and lives with her mum and sister loving her life .

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